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Sunday / May 19.
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42+ NURSES Written by PT Rothschild

Thanks for picking up the inaugural issue of this mag on April 20th, or 4/20. The number ‘420’ is the marijuana industries ‘in’ symbol for meaning anything pot related. It is steeped in cannabis lore as the police code to roll up stoners, and the date to celebrate, officially, the pleasure of using the weed to free your mind, of worries, pain, anxiety, and to party hardy with like-minded folks who share one common theme: cannabis use is medicinal, like magic in dissolving ailments both physical and mental.


Although the number ‘420’ is mainly known within the marijuana community, a group existing at the heart of the cannabis community who celebrate their Ten Year Anniversary this coming Halloween, remains as cloated as a fish drawn in sand about two thousand years ago. The cloaking curtain begins with their logo and its meaning – 420Nurses.



The 420 zero is formed by the outline of the number with the interior showing a green cross, a symbol of medicine. More than the symbolism is lost when asked the question, “42 plus nurses. What does that mean?” Though this question is mainly asked by non-cannabis minded people, occasionally someone who smokes the good weed will also inquire. Being a writer who met the group back in 2012, I take this opportunity to explain what the group is all about. This part isn’t as simple as it sounds, but being close to Hollyweed allows me to cut to the chase.

The 420Nurses are international with the latest country joining the line-up being Austrialia, alongside many other sacross the globe. The HQ and separate CBD/fashion boutique are located in San Fernando Valley. The young female membership is the backbone of this female company built for female patients, as they all are from the top down. This all female patient commaraderie also drives a livery social platform concerning all things mmj. There is no fee to join or membership dues to maintain.

Becoming a 420Nurse is both a responsibility and a vision. Like being a Girl Scout, there are certain levels of trust and education to be maintained. The vision comes from the expanding product knowledge that leads the expanding industry. But here is where the lines get murky as if that last toke kicked in. The 420Nurses are a model service whose members serve as booth attendants but as today’s young women and patients, they bring a presence with them that no other group of women, young or old, brings – personality.

As a brand, the 420Nurses, either separately, theme-wise, or as a group, have graced almost every marijuana magazine cover since 2009. They have pictures posed with the old-time greats, promoted many THC and CBD products, including several companies led by 420Nurses themselves, and had a patient political presence. The 420Nurses also win contests, whether its a smoking contest, art show, twerk off or fashion show, because of the talent found within the organic group chapters, they have become winners and trendsetters to all who follow.

If you have any questions about the group, a chapter near you, or want to join, see us online. or look for our logo, 42+, or, 420Nurses.


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